Project Standards

Grid Engine Interoperability

The project has an objective to facilitate the deployment of compute farms enabled with Grid Engine binaries obtained from multiple sources. Interoperability of Grid Engine binaries is required to facilitate this objective.

If you are providing your compiled Grid Engine binaries to others, it is a requirement of the license to validate that your compiled binaries can interoperate with a Reference Build of the software. Interoperability is determined through a Compatibility Test.

If you are creating Grid Engine binaries for your own internal use, there are no requirements for testing. However, interoperability testing is a recommended practice if you will be incorporating binaries created by others.

Open Standards for DRM

Open standards for DRM software, developed through a community process with DRM users and developers, holds the promise of reduced setup and maintenance tasks for end users. As the Grid Engine project develops specifications with the community, these specifications will be incorporated into the project standards and referenced in this file. 

Grid Engine Reference Builds and Compatibility Testing

A Grid Engine Reference Build is a designated binary build of the software that acts as a reference for all interoperability testing for that version of the software. Two references have been chosen to increase the likelyhood of having access to a suitable platform. Reference Builds will be redesignated periodically to correspond with significant build versions, and will be referenced in this file.

Interoperability is confirmed through successful completion of a Compatibility Test, wherein you test your compiled binaries against a Reference Build. These tests are version-specific and correspond to Reference Builds of the same version.