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Cloud HPC Solutions: Running Grid Engine in the Cloud

On-Demand HPC Service: Gompute

Gompute on Demand delivers HPC as a Service. Gompute On Demand provides customers with a turnkey environment backed by specialized support to solve computationally intensive workloads.

Supported workloads include commercial and free applications for Fluid Dynamics, Stress Analysis, Computational Chemistry, and Visualization. Gompute customers range from one-man consultant companies to large corporations.

EC2 Cluster Provisioning Solution: MIT StarCluster

StarCluster is an open source utility for creating and managing distributed computing clusters hosted on Amazon EC2. Cluster Compute, GPU, Spot, and On-Demand instance types are all supported by StarCluster.

StarCluster AMI images include OpenMPI, MPICH2, Open Grid Scheduler/Grid Engine, Hadoop, ATLAS, Scipy, Numpy, IPython, and many other open source tools and applications.

Scalable LHC: Logical HPC Cluster

In Nov 2012, a 10,000+node Grid Engine EC2 Cluster was provisioned and then taken down in less than 6 hours! The goal of this run is to test the scalability of Open Grid Scheduler / Grid Engine in large clusters and modern IaaS Cloud Computing environments.

Grid Engine EC2 Cloud Cluster

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