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About Open Grid Scheduler/Grid Engine

Open Grid Scheduler/Grid Engine is a commercially supported open-source batch-queuing system for distributed resource management. OGS/GE is based on Sun Grid Engine, and maintained by the same group of external (i.e. non-Sun) developers who started contributing code since 2001.

In Dec 2010, Oracle officially passed on the torch for maintaining the Grid Engine open source code base to the Open Grid Scheduler project.


Nov 12, 2013: Want to run Grid Engine in the Cloud? Try our Elastic Compute Farm service (beta trial period ended - thanks everyone!).

Nov 15, 2012: A 10,000-node OGS/GE Amazon EC2 cluster was provisioned for scalability testing! If you are attending SC12 and want to learn more about the latest Grid Engine development, visit the Gompute booth.

Aug 1, 2012: Stage 2 of Xeon Phi Grid Engine Integration development started.

June 18, 2012: Open Grid Scheduler/Grid Engine at ISC'12, visit Gompute (Booth 560).

May 31, 2012: New Hadoop Grid Engine Integration HOWTO uploaded - includes links to the data-aware Hadoop integration in SGE 6.2u5 and the Hadoop On-Demand integration created by Prakashan Korambath of UCLA.

April 17, 2012: Two Grid Engine security bugs fixed.

April 3, 2012: New Corporate Member - Gompute will contribute its expertise and resources in HPC to the open source Grid Engine community.

Next Release

The next feature release, Grid Engine 2011.11 update 1, was announced at the Gompute User Group Meeting on May 8, 2012.

We are creating a series of blog posts on the new features. The first in the series are Grid Engine cgroups Integration, Grid Engine Cygwin Port, and Optimization for AMD Bulldozer. (stay tuned for the rest of the series!)

Current Release: Grid Engine 2011.11p1

The latest release includes new features (e.g. Berkeley DB spooling improvement: removed dependency on NFSv4, hwloc support, GPU integration, ARM Linux port, gmake upgrade, Linux 3.x support, etc), together with other enhancements and bug fixes. See the release notes for more info!

Grid Engine 2011.11 is compatible with Sun Grid Engine 6.2u5. You can even run Grid Engine 2011.11 on a subset of nodes while the rest of the cluster runs the older 6.2u5 release - ie. as a drop-in replacement for 6.2u5.

The Grid Engine 2011.11 presentation given at SC11 at the Gridcore/Gompute booth will be posted shortly.

Bugfix Release

The current bugfix & LTS (Long Term Support) release is version 6.2 update 5 patch 3 (SGE 6.2u5p3), which is based on Sun Grid Engine 6.2 update 5 (SGE 6.2u5). It was released on April 26, 2012 and only contains critical bug fixes.

Download Grid Engine/Grid Scheduler

The latest version and older versions can be downloaded from the Open Grid Scheduler download area.

See also: Quick Grid Engine Source Compile Guide.

Download: Grid Engine 2011.11 binary for x64 (now with the GUI installer) (available under the free SISSL license)

Mailing Lists and Grid Engine Support Options

Community support is available on the Grid Engine users mailing list. Open Grid Scheduler specific issues (build issues or OGS-specific bug) can be discussed on the gridscheduler-users mailing list.

Commercial Grid Engine support is available from Scalable Logic via the Scalable Grid Engine Support Program.

Intellectual Property

All Grid Engine releases distributed by the Open Grid Scheduler project only contain code written by developers of the Open Grid Scheduler project (ie. we fully own the Intellectual Property), and code inherited from Sun Grid Engine 6.2u5.

Code contributions by 3rd-parties are welcome, but we will need to carefully audit the code before we can include it into our tree. (Please join our mailing list and we will work with you!)

We have ISVs shipping our code with their products, and thus we pay extra attention to Intellectual Property and Copyright issues.

Supported Platforms

Currently, Grid Scheduler/Grid Engine supports the following platforms:

Other platforms with limited support: Cray UNICOS, NEC Super-UX, OpenBSD (let us know if you are running those operating systems)


Grid Engine qmon GUI

Grid Engine Java Installer

Grid Engine at Oracle

Oracle continues to enhance and maintain the commercial Oracle Grid Engine product. There is an online forum at Oracle, actively supported by Oracle Grid Engine developers.


Open Grid Scheduler/Grid Engine is released under the Sun Industry Standards Source License (SISSL). New code (new file) is licensed under the BSD license.

The fine print: Most of the code was taken from Sun Grid Engine (more specifically SGE 6.2 update 5 released in 2009), which was developed by Sun Microsystems. Using 6.2u5 as the starting point, we add new features and fixes to create Open Grid Scheduler/Grid Engine.

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